My name is Ragnhild Kielland, the owner of Kennel Sannyasin. I am part dog.

It all started with our Newfoundlender Bella, in whose bed I slept, and my food was often dry fish. Later my family had Dachses, that my brother has been breeding for many years. Today he is the owner of the dog- and cat hotel Bærum Kennel.

We live on a gorgeous farm in Vinje, Telemark, and partly in Oslo. The dogs are being taught social life with lots of dogs and people in the city, and the freedom of country living, where they often chase moose and deer away from the fields in front of the house.

The most important thing for us is that the dogs are having interesting days and good walks. They usually go on walks unleashed, both in Oslo and in Vinje. That's the reward of training your dog: Having happy, obedient and free dogs.

I had my first Boxer in 1995. That's when the interest for user- and obedience training started. Since then there have been several Boxers, and with Django coming along in 1998, the interest for dog shows was ignited. He did very well and sired many puppies!

Our first Boston Terrier was Sookie. The best, cutest, funniest, strangest dog in the world! Skin Deep Sookie Stackhouse, as she was named after my favorite TV show. That was love at first sight.

My new life with Boston Terrier was on. I just love the breed, and they're not very different from Boxers...

Our first Boston litter came in March 2012 after serious consideration.

My good friend and mentor Janne Simonsen from Bright and Brindle, had recently imported Buzz from Mountainview's kennel in USA. I had seen a lot of photos, from puppy stage until adulthood and I was very sure. It had to be him. He had all the qualities we needed to improve.

We are so grateful that we could use him for stud. It seemed to be a good choice. With this litter, my darling Rosa came, and from the age of 10 months she won BEST IN SHOW all breed. And it went on and on. At 13 months she gained the title from Norwegian Boston Terrier club annual show:

Best Norwegian Bred Boston Terrier 2013 with BEST BITCH IN SHOW.

Next year 2014 she won the title again, as Best Norwegian Bred Boston Terrier and was BEST IN SHOW in our speciality show !

Show is fun, but it is also about competing with the breed standard. It's important to show, work for, and contribute to keeping good and solid health qualities for the breed. We use a lot of time to plan our next litter .

We will only breed when I need a new show prospect, and I'm ready to have a new dog at home. 4-5 is the maximum.

It takes up a lot of space in our bed, and each one need the attention she deserves, training and exercise.

I want my dogs to have the best homes possible, with not too many others to compete with.