Ringreven Viva La Diva Joplin

Diva, beautiful Diva.

Diva was the born turbo-dog, she threw herself at everything and everyone from day one in the house. Needed a minimal amount of sleep, a real bully, and at the same time really, really cuddly.

She had her first epileptic attack at 6 months old , and it went downwards from there...

Diva left us when she was one year old.


Lunnertoppens Lucky Tango

Django my love….
Django lived to be 10 years old. Django became father of many. Django was a mommy´s boy to the max.
Django was KORAD and NUCH.  
Django used to fInd me mushrooms.
Django was trained in obedience, and tracking.

Django could find wounded moose, and was a permanent dog on our hunting team!!
He went with us on canoeing trips, he went to the art studio with me, and to art classes.
He was  there always , loved by everyone.

Once in a lifetime you have a dog like that. Many before , many after , much love and beautiful dogs… just no one like him.
Thank you my boy, you are always in my heart...


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