f 17.05.2017
From breeder Liliana Carta, Italia
Part owner Babe: Adriane M Andersen.
Love at first picture, love at first sight.
Babe is a small dog, who takes everything in her stride, be it flight, riding cars, meet joggers, cows, swans, tractors, put on sweaters, walk on a leash, experience extreme weather or get vaccinated.
She ran straight into the sea when she first saw it: yeah cool, I’ll have a swim!
So cool. The name Babe, she carries it with dignity and style.
She was slightly insecure at her first exhibition, but after an hour she ruled it.
Everything is fun to her. She is so secure, so loving.
Unleashed in the public park, she happily comes running when called, even with other dogs and people around. Unbelievable.
I’m so full of thankfulness toward her breeder, Liliana Carta, for this gorgeous dog, with such a lovely attitude.
Grazie mille.
She has now -at the age of 10 months only- finished the required amount of CAC to become Norwegian Champion when she's 2 years old!!


Babe has had the most amazing development!

From her first show in 2019 where she hardly wanted to walk in the show ring – she was insecure and it was no fun at all. So we worked, and we found joy, and suddenly she was Best of breed at NKK International Dog Show in Kristiansand and #3 in the group finals!!

And that set the ball rolling, she became Norwegian Champion right after her 2nd birthday as Best of breed BOB at NKK Sandefjord June 2019.

After that we went to Denmark, straight BOB, with Cacib (international championat certifikate), CAC (Danish championat certificate) and the title Danish Champion on first try.

Sweden was next and ta-da: Swedish Champion at first try.

NKK Lillehammer BOB

Dogs4all Lillestrøm NKK’s largest dog show: New title as NORWEGIAN WINNER 2019.

And thus, Most winning Boston Terrier in >Norwegian Boston Terrier Club 2019!


Patella free, EVCO free, DNA-tested, not carrier of hereditary juvenile cataract, x-rayed spine ok.