Primo Cavaliere Love´s Sannyasin
born July 01. 2019
Little Love came to us in October 2019; the coolest, most confident, most loving and easiest puppy to deal with ever.
Lovely as a dream and from the same Italian breeder as Babe and Bobby, Liliana Carta.
I am forever grateful for her trust, faith and friendship.
Love sleeps just as easily in the bed, the nook of the arm, as she does in the cage.
When she wants to be a little bully and bother Rosa, she has to sleep a couple of nights in a cage right next to my bed, with duvets and blankets.
She walks right in, throws herself around, and in one minute she snores away with her paws in the air.
She is a dream to train, attentive as an old soul, stacks as if she was born for it. Trots in the show ring as if she’s in the circus ring and has all the attention!
Her first show ended with a BOB puppy, and she ended up in the group finals as BOG3, by beating about 30 other breeds to the punch.
We love her, worship her and kiss her a hundred times a day.
The free ear cleaning she gets from the other dogs.