Sannyasin Pink Magic

Born March 16 2012.

Rosa is mommy's girl. She prefers to sleep on my pillow, and that's pure happiness unless she snores too loudly! She loves everyone she knows, and they get a couple of Boston kisses, but that's it. A few carefully selected ones  get a lot more. Rosa was born naturally in a litter of 4. From the first minute she showed a strong love for life and was very hungry. She's still very much like that, she eats like a horse!

She is lightning fast when she's chasing deer. She's not far from climbing trees when she hunts birds. She is friendly and calm with other dogs, slightly reserved and polite with the ones she doesn't know.

Rosa loves to go to dog shows. A few days ahead I think she knows what's going on, that's when her neck ring and mustaches are being trimmed, meatballs are being made and the excitement is on the rise. And then she's in a frenzy.

As a 4 moth old puppy, she won BEST IN SHOW at a huge dog show. And from there it went upwards. First BEST IN SHOW for adult dogs, of all breeds, only 10 months old. 17 months old she was awarded by Norsk Boston Terrier klubb BEST NORWEGIAN BRED BOSTON TERRIER 2013!!! At the special show in Norway she was awarded BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR and BEST BITCH IN SHOW!!

At the 2014  special show, she won BEST IN SHOW, and again awarded BEST NORWEGIAN BRED BOSTON TERRIER!!

It was and is great fun!

So she's the complete opposite of her mother Sookie, who is a bit of a slacker, equally agreeable and friendly with everyone, and has to be lured into walks.

Patella Normal, clear of Juvenile Hereditary Cataract. DNA-tested. Heart tested normal.