Skin-Deep's Sookie Stackhouse

Born March 27 2010.

Sookie, my first Boston, I got to name her after my favorite TV show. It was love at first sight.

Sookie is loving, sensitive,  easily trained, and loves to sit in my lap, is a bit of a slacker, but perky enough when we go for walks.

She has been showed a few times, and was best in breed, BOB once, and rose to become best in group once  BOG.

But Sookie doesn't enjoy dog shows, so she's not a show dog.

She is an amazing girl, is super easy going and walks around unleashed most of the time, because she stays close. She even feels - and shows - that she is insulted , if she must wear a collar! She is a good old fashioned drama queen!!

She is a very devoted dog, and loves most people and dogs, even if she only calls a selected few friends. Sookie thinks she is huge and wants to get up and give almost everyone kisses, she forgets they are way up there!

Sookie is the best mommy in the world and adorable, patient and endlessly devoted to her pups.

Sookie is stubborn and doesn't want to go for walks , if it's too cold out or if it's raining. Then she stops in her tracks, turns around and runs home after taking care of business. And Sookie snores. Loudly!!

Patella Normal, clear of Juvenile Hereditary Cataract. Heart tested normal.