Litter 1

Litter 1 born March 16th 2012.

Skin-Deep's Sookie Stackhouse and Mtnviews He's The Bees Knees

March 16th Sookie gave birth to four adorable puppies home, at the farm, and they became three.
It must have been a very easy labour, because she ate right before, slept a litte, and then she pushed out the first gorgeous pup just about in my lap, and it was all over in 3 hours.

Sookie received massage and homeopathic medicine before, during and after delivery.

We had 1 female and 2 males

Sannyasin Pink Magic
Sannyasin Blue Moon
Sannyasin Black 'n Blessed


Litter 2

Litter 2 born June 21st 2013.

Repeated engendering Sookie and Buzz.

This time delivery was hard, after 8 hours we managed to get the first puppy out, a beautiful female.

After a few hours of struggling we had to take a long trip in the middle of the night and have caesarian performed, and we had a big boy! Sookie was nursing happily on the way home from the vet.

Sookie recovered almost faster than the first time. We used homeopathic medicine this time also.

Sannyasin Leela Delight
Sannyasin Quite White 'n Cool


Litter 3

Litter 3 born February 17th 2015.

Sannyasin Pink Magic and CH Sunwood And Mtnview Luv A Man In A Tux

2 boys

Rosa is a great mother, and the boys are fat and healthy.

Sannyasin A Man For His Hat
Sannyasin Zen In The Sun


Litter 4

Litter 4 born 13th of July 2020.

Babe is the best mother ever... From day 1 she was all about caring for the puppies, and she nursed them until the time they left.

I’ve never heard or seen anything like it. The best of them all, my beautiful girl Babe.

1 female, 1 male
Sannyasin Mr Big
Sannyasin Lil Sugar Babe (on co-ownership)